Day Before Launch

Day Before Launch


There is so much that has been done the last couple of weeks to get ready for our launch tomorrow but we are so excited to be sharing our hard work with all of you.

Today we will be photographing our model and cousin (Amalia) in our sunglasses in a shoot themed "A day out" performing everyday tasks such as pumping gas, eating a meal, shopping for fun finds etc. 

I have also recently purchased a gimbal so there will be some video being taken throughout the day and added here to our blog / site and hopefully will be used as a promotional video.

Many of you have reached out and given so many words of encouragement and I really appreciate you taking the time to hype us up and support a new small business. 

In the future I will also be adding playlists to each post as well feat music that we are listening to at the moment and other artists that create via other mediums such as photographers, ceramicists, etc.

For now, we leave you with this specially curated playlist for your listening pleasure. Thanks for sticking with us

xo Antonio


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